Bratislava Region Brussels Office

Objectives and Activities

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The priority is to enhance the representation and its presence on European affairs and projects and to take the advantage of all opportunities the EU offers regions through seminars, workshops and cultural and social events where Bratislava region can be presented as an attractive region for tourists. They can found that it is worth to visit the region and it is a successful region in which to invest and cooperate with.

Moreover, it is necessary to encourage an active interest of entities in Bratislava region in European affairs which influence both public and private sector. The activities of the representation of the Bratislava region build a strong foundation for the future cooperation with institutions in Brussels and other regions and organizations which is beneficial for the development of the Bratislava region.

One of the main activities is networking with Slovak and European institutions – promoting the interest of Bratislava region together with Permanent representation of Slovak Republic to the EU, European Commission, European Parliament, and Committee of Regions and obtaining current information about upcoming legislation and community programs.

Furthermore, the development of cooperation with other representations of regions and municipalities in Brussels and identification of common interests, sharing the experiences, development of common activities, and presentation of cultural and tourism potential of the region through organizing seminars, conferences, cultural events and others are the essential activities of the representation. 

The office was also established to keep in touch with Slovak organizations in Brussels and Belgium as well as with Slovak community living in Brussels and Belgium.


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