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The representation of Bratislava Region in Brussels offers 3-months internship for university students.

A trainee will be involved in day to day work. He or she will participate in seminars and conferences in the European institutions.

The representation will take into consideration special needs of students (thesis, special interest in the aspect of European policy, etc). It is necessary that the trainee will work individually and will be skilled while working with a computer. A good knowledge of at least one European working language (English, French, and German) is a must.

The internship is not paid. The representation can help student to find an accommodation in Brussels.

The candidate can send an email to

Internship in other European institutions
Usually every European institution offers paid or unpaid internships. The internships take approximately five months. It starts in October and ends in February or from March until the end of July. The requirements and other info can be found on web sites of particular institutions:

European Commission

European Parliament

Committee of Regions

European Council



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